For more transparency, L.A.Diamond powered its website with high-quality 360-degree video eighty percent of our product has a real shot video that can show all the aspect of jewelry to our customer. We want our customers to see every aspect of the piece they are interested in purchasing. By being able to see a full 360 video we hope it helps out customers by giving them a whole visual of our piece!
Knowing what kind of diamond and jewelry you want is very important when you’re starting to shop around. L.A diamond wants to make sure our customers know exactly what they’re buying or what they’re looking for so we can we help you in the best way that we can. Here at L.A.diamond we love to make our customers feel like family so we've taken time to write a little section guiding you on what you need to know when purchasing a diamond. When looking into a diamond you always want to keep the 4c’s in mind (Color, Cut, Clarity, Cart)! The 4'c are the most crucial characteristics of the diamond. 
Diamond Color
Let’s start off with the color of the diamond. The color of the diamond depends on the customer’s taste. Most people prefer colorless, near colorless and white. However, every diamond is beautiful but it’s based on your personal taste. The less color of your diamond the higher it is in value. D-E-F are colorless diamonds as S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z have a yellow tone to the diamond. When referring to the diamond color you want, the easiest way to identify what you’re looking for is going through this color chart!
Now, let’s talk sparkle. The diamond cut is a crucial element when picking out your diamond. Without a high cut grade, your diamond will look dull and lack sparkle. The cut of the diamond has the greatest effect on the diamond sparkle. No matter how perfect your clarity and color may appear the cut is the overall factor of the shine. If the diamond is cut properly and has the correct proportions the light will shine from the top of the diamond if the diamond is cut too shallow or too deep the shine is released anywhere except the top of the diamond. When deciding on a diamond your main concern should be focused on the cut of the diamond and go on from there.
Diamond Clarity:
Let’s move on the flawlessness of your diamond. The diamond clarity refers to the condition of your diamond. Any obvious flaws on your diamond are referred to blemishes, these are usually found on a small surface around the diamond, any internal or heavy marks on called inclusions. Overall clarity does not play a big role compared to cut because usually most blemishes are not seen to the naked eye but can be mainly seen under a microscope. Most diamonds you see may contain inclusions, it’s very rare to fine any diamonds free from any sort of blemishes. Most buyers don’t want to purchase any diamond clarity under “Eye Clean”.
-IF: Internally Flawless
-VVSW1: Very, very slightly included 1                     -SI1: Slightly included 1
-VVSW2: Very, very slightly included 2                     -SI2: Slightly included 2
-VS1: very slightly included 1                                     -I1: Included 1
-VS2: very slightly included 2                                     -12: Included 2
Diamond Carat:
The bigger the better we always say, am I right? Carat is usually the most well-known characteristics of diamonds. What carat means is the total weight of the diamond, not the actual size. Keep in mind a lot of people mistake overall weight and size. Just because the diamond is bigger in size does not necessarily mean it is higher in carat weight.