What's Your Ring Style?

What's Your Ring Style?

Each diamond has it’s own unique characteristics but you can personalized the style of the ring to make it more of your own. The glow on the sparkle should be accompanied by the perfect frame. A lot of the time everyone focuses on the center stone but a lot forgot the style or any little detail of the ring. There’s a lot of factors that come into play when styling your ring. When you’re picky and indecisive it’s important you take your time to think what kind of style you want. You want to make sure you pick the best style that will allow your diamond to show off it’s true beauty! Here’s a short sweet description of different ring style with a picture from our own inventory!

: This simple but elegant ring is a timeless style. The band is left in a gorgeous metal that allows the center stone to really shine independently.

 :One of the most gleaming and striking styles. This style is one of the most popular styles because diamonds/gems surround the center stone creating an illusion that the center stone is bigger.

:This gorgeous look allows the center stones to be accented by stones/gems on the wedding band. The more sparkle the better!

 :If you can settle on one diamond why not pick 3? The name of this style is very explanatory, the center of the ring is shared by 3 gorgeous diamonds you hand pick!

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