Surprise Engagement?

Surprise Engagement?

 Figuring out you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is a moment of a life time. So how do you propose to the person you love in the best way imaginable? It’s a lot of pressure when you want to create the perfect moment for the question. With so many proposal’s out there that have been done it’s hard to think a unique and creative way. Here are some creative and cute tips to make your proposal make her remember it forever!

1) Sweet and Simple

A lot of people love simplicity. One great way to have simple but very sweet proposal is to do it at home. Decorate the living room with her favorite dinner (No we’re not doing that cliché move with the ring somewhere in the wine/food) and pick a movie that has sentimental value to her or you guys. At the end of the movie have the screen take a picture of “Will you marry Me” and get into position.

 Take her to a place that means something to her like your first date, favorite park, or somewhere you had your first kiss. Make her a gift, something like a scrap book, something that shows your memories with her/him. Start reminiscing with her and build up the moment and when she gets to the last page, that’s when you ask her. To make it more memorable the last page should say “one last question, to start our new journey together” and that’s when she looks at you and you ask the question.

 2) Big and Bold

For those who love the extra flair. You might need extra help with this idea. Ger help with her family or friends whoever she’s closest too. Depending on how many people are they have each of them hold a sign that spell out Will You Marry Me? Now to get there, who doesn’t love a hot air balloon ride? Get her on the hot air balloon, have a cute picnic and when you guys are are about to land that’s when her friends and family hold up the signs and let the tears begin.

For those who are scared of heights, you must love the beach. This might be a cliché but who can’t find this gesture memorable one. Take her around sunset and have a sunset dinner. You want to make sure you go with the weather is perfect, you can’t go when it’s too cold and windy. After dinner, watch the sunset and when the time is right that’s when you ask the question.

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