How to take care of your diamond ring:

How to take care of your diamond ring:

Just like any item of yours, you always want to preserve the beauty and keep in it mint condition. Diamonds are especially something you want to handle with care. Even the most slight blemish can hurt your diamond.

-Diamonds attract a large amount of grease so it's very hard to keep your diamond clean. When handling your ring try your best not to touch the surface of the actual stones but try to keep your fingertips around the band (if no stones are on the band). Our fingers and hands actually have destructive oil that can be harmful to your diamond.

Soaking your diamond in any degreasing solution is a great way to clean your diamond. You can also soak your diamond in hot watch and a couple drops of mild dish soap and take a cloth and rub your diamond clean. You want to clean you diamond at LEAST 1-2 times a week. When scrubbing your diamond clean you want to make sure to keep your hand light to avoid scratching your diamond.

Nothing looks better than bright sparkles on your diamond. Getting your diamond polished helps perserve the natural glow and shine of your gem.

Leaving your diamond in water for too long can damage the actual diamond. Water has many chemicals that can be very harmful to diamonds. If it's necessary to wear your diamond during your tasks do your bes to protect the ring as much as you can, such wearing gloves, covering the ring with a cloth, etc.

Although lotions and creams are good for your skin it can dull your diamond over time. Whenever applying these types of products remember to take your diamonds off and before putting it back on give the product a couple of minutes to sink into your skin.

Yes, yearly maintenance can prevent your diamond from losing its sparkle. Just like car you want to get your diamond inspected every now and then. It's good to catch something wrong with your diamond while it's still small so it's an easy fix.

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